From Europe to India : the complete traveling guide

Image From Europe to India : the complete traveling guide

India is a destination like no other. Some go there for the beauty of the scenery, including the Himalayan mountains or the beautiful beaches of Goa, others to discover the incredible traditions and customs of this huge country, but most travelers to India seek a real change of scenery, a cultural shock that we can live only there.

Crowded cities, festive traditions, spicy cuisine, extreme climate, poverty, beautiful landscapes, spirituality, fervor, modernity, religious and ethnic diversity, biodiversity. India is all that and even more.

Practical information for your trip

To prepare and live your trip to India, there are indispensable aspects to know about the country, including the following. ­

  • India and the natural environment. The variety of natural environments, fauna and flora is impressive. India has no less than 500 species of mammals, 2,100 birds, 250 reptiles and 30,000 insects, unbelievable! It shows the measure of this subcontinent. ­
  • People of India. How to speak of more than a billion people, the cohabitation of 6 or 7 major religions that exist there? We would simply say that the meeting with the Hindu people cannot leave anyone indifferent. ­
  • Climate and weather of India. The weather and weather conditions during your safari in India will depend a lot on the season in which you planned your trip. The best season is from November to March. ­
  • Travel readings. "The Jungle Book" - Rudyard Kipling: the Baloo bear or Shere Khan, the Bengal tiger. A collection of short stories in the Indian jungle, with Mowgli as the main character. You can then link up with "The Maharani" - Gita Mahta, a dive in the heart of India through the life of an exceptional woman, daughter of maharaja. The story of a country torn between ancestral traditions and the influence of the West.

Book your plane ticket to Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta

Are you looking for a flight to India? As with all countries of this size, you need to think about the most appropriate solution to your route, and perhaps take a flight that allows you to land in one city and leave from another city.

How to choose your plane ticket for India and which international airport is best suited for your project? Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Calcutta, Bengalore, Cochin. The answer to these questions depends primarily on your travel plans.

This may require a specific stop, a particular final destination, specific arrival or departure times, or an imposed connection. Once these important details are taken into account, you can combine your comfort wishes with the budget you set for your flight.

Remember that the cheapest international flight is not always the most advantageous option. Pay attention to how your ground benefits combine with your plane ticket and you will finally know which route and which company to focus on.

When you have made up your minds, go to You can feel relaxed about the organization of your trip with all its details, you can consult eDreams which can offer you the most comfortable air links to take you to your destination.