Top 10 places to visit in India

Top 10 places to visit in India

India is a beautiful and huge country, therefore it is hard to know where to start if you visit for the first time; to go From Delhi to Chennai. To help you select what you want to see and guide your trip accordingly, here is a list of the Top 10 Things to See in India.

The musts of India

There are so many things to see in India; some of them are listed here below, the to-do list for a memorable visit to India.

10. Indian cuisine: wherever you go, Indian cuisine will probably be your first exotic contact with the country.

9. Mumbai and Bollywood: Mumbai is almost the border to the south of the country. Between the sublime Victoria Station and the Gateway of India, the city is full of beauty. Do not miss Elephant Island and its wonderful cellars.

8. Mahabalipuram: A little to the south of Chennai is one of the most impressive bas-reliefs in India. The large fresco representing the penance of Arjuna is one of the monuments of the region and dates from the seventh century. Also, do not miss the "Krishna butter ball", a huge stone that is spattered on the ground, but with a memorable impression.

7. Visit an Ashram: Even if your hippie fiber has never been revealed and Hinduism does not appeal you that much, spending a few days in an ashram is a very original experience.

6. Jaisalmer and its fort surrounded by desert: The city of Jaizalmer offers a completely new experience of India. Its fort stands on the city and its many Jainist temples are beautifully carved. To appreciate the region, nothing better than a small camel ride and a night out in the open air.

5. The Backwaters, Kerala has a unique water network: the backwaters. There is no other experience worth traveling the magical waters of the region by boat.

4. Hampi' yes, it is complicated to go to Hampi: no plane or bus. However, it is so beautiful! Dozens of temples and statues, ruins as far as the eye can see. For antique lovers, this is a must!

The top three

3. Amritsar, the Sikh temple: Amritsar is the religious center of Sikh culture. The city is built around the Golden Temple, a beautiful place of worship where all religions are welcomed, and where Sikhs can pray. The temple is fabulous, covered with gold leaf and surrounded by a sacred pond. A place full of beliefs and emotions.

2. Varanasi: There are many "crazy" cities in India, but Varanasi is probably the most charming. Touring the Ganges, Hindus come from all over India to come, burn the dead, and gather in this mystical city. A small boat ride on the Ganges at sunset will mark you forever.

1. Agra and the Taj Mahal: Did you know that it is one of the wonders of the world? The Taj Mahal really deserves that title. Romantic place par excellence, it does not lose any of its superb even in the presence of many tourists. Enjoy your visit to the Taj to visit Fatehpur-Sikri.

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